Rockingham Results

After Qualifying on Pole, we got away from the line well but dropped back on the run to the first corner. Leaving us in 3rd Place.

An ambitious move on Cliff Jobson saw a little contact and a move up into 2nd.

After Closing Up on 1st Placed John Sumner the car filled with oil smoke and handling became a little tricky due to oil on the tyres. After Backing off I managed to limp home in 3rd Place.

Expecting the worst I returned to the paddock to find the problem was simply a dislodged dipstick tube. which was quickly refitted.

In the second Race a miskate off the grid saw us last into the first corner, but some daring moves in the first 2 laps saw us back upto 3rd. Then the torrential Rain came down and I quickly moved up into 1st and Headed off to close down the more powerfull Class B cars. Comming in 1st in class and 4th overall in a very wet race.

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