Mallory Race

Mallory has always been a bit of a bogey circuit for me, with mechanical problems and Accidents. So dispite it being the closest circuit and the one which we test at the most its not my best.

With the series fight going down to the wire for both class and overall honours a good result was vital. With this being John Sumners best circuit I was expecting it to be difficult to beat him. Tim Broughton would also be a threat.

Testing had shown we would struggle with the wrong ratio diff. High gearing ment we lost time from the hairpin on every lap and had to make it up by being right on the limit for Gerrards and the esses.

Qualifying saw us 2nd in class, behind John, on the inside line for the first corner.

Off the line John lost time by going wide on the grass and i ended up 3rd behind John and Tim. I then lost time when 2 turbo cars came through recovering from poor starts.

We had some very hairy racing for a few laps dicing with Tim, John and the 2 turbo cars before the turbos got through.

There were some very frustrating laps where i would close right up on the cars in front on the run to the hairpin, to be slowed by them through the hairpin and watch all the work disappear on the run back to Gerrards.

A few laps later I managed to overtake John as he made a mistake into the hairpin sntaching the wrong gear and head off after Tim.

After closing Tim down for a few laps i cooked the rear tyres and started to get some sideways action through gerrards and couldnt make up the last 2 seconds.

At the flag i came in 2nd to Tims 1st.

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