The Final Round

The Final Round at Oulton was a little disapoining. With 1st in class and second overall the best and worse we could come away with, I’d been hoping for a bit of a laugh and a good fight with Tim Broughton.

Testing on the friday was a little strange and a pointer of things to come. I went out in the first session with the car still running its very specific mallory setup. It was a real handfull but the time was only a couple of seconds down on a slightly damp track.

Over the day we dialed in the car but couldnt find anymore speed, to the point i started to overdrive the car so called it a day.

In qualifying on the i managed 2nd on the grid behind tim.

At the first start i got boxed in then pushed onto the grass comming out of the first corner last but one. a few daring moves grabbed a few places back but then the red flags came out as John Sumner had a big off in his last race.

My second start was better but the car was very underpowered with nothing under about 4000 rpm.

A good ding dong with Cliff ensued until he ran out of fuel!! and i sauntered past into 2nd.

Tim Broughton had a blinding race posting 1st in calss and 3rd overall. where as i only just made it back to the paddock with the engine cutting out.

oh well the overall result was good, we just struggled a little at the last couple of races.

The end of season party followed the race with quite a few sore heads the following day..

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