The two weeks before Pembrey were very hectic. Castle Race Engines Decided that developing the 4ltrĀ  engine, whilst a viable idea, was going to take too long and hinder us this season. To remedy this it was decided to buid a 5ltr engine. This was completed at 9pm on the friday before the raceing on saturday and sunday, sono time for setup and fine tunng.

First Qualifying went reasonable well, although not as quick as hoped, putting us second on the grid. Investigation in the paddock showed a damaged plug lead had had us running on only 7 cylinders. so with that changed and the fuel mapping increased we set off for the race.

Lap 2 saw us take the lead at the hairpin and a couple of spirited laps before the tyres started to die saw a nice 6 second gap that we maintained to the flag.

The first win of 2006, and about time..

Sunday qualifying saw us on pole, The engine stuttered with our guessed mapping off the line and i dropped back a couple of places, before spining at the second corner into last place. Another spirited drive saw us carve through the pack back into second and closing in on marc before the red flags came out cutting short the race.

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