Snetterton Result

For snetterton we finally had to buy some new  slicks, a wallet numbing 850 quid, but the original donated set were no longer usable.. I took the opportunity to put larger wheels and tyres on the rear, going from 18*9inch rims to 18*10 allowing a 280 wide rear tyre.

We had also had the engine mapped on the rollin road to eliminate some of the flat spots.

Quallifying was mixed with a reasonable time but a few moments and a spin at russell chicane. but I still managed to put the car on class Pole.

The race saw a good start maintaining the class lead. The class battle quickly evaporated when Marc’s throttle cable snapped and I settled into trying to take the class A tuscan in front of me. With his extra straight line speed it proved futile, although I could maintain the gap by pusing hard through the rest of the circuit he would pull away again on the straight, so I backed off and settled for 3rd overall and 1st in class.

With Marc’s DNF, we are now leading the class and the series overall.

The next round is Rockingham on 9th July.

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