Snetterton Rounds 7&8

It took a good few weeks to track the Pembrey problems down. It was an intermittent wiring problem on the crank sensor and a missing lock nut from part of theĀ  throttle linkage between the throttle bodies, very small problems but very difficult to find.

With the car fixed and running like a dream on the Saturday, it was straight down to Snetterton that night.

In qualifying the car felt unablanced and was difficult to drive, putting me across the grass a couple of times, and a spin after the hairpin.

After one reasonably good lap the oil pressure light came on and I coasted to a halt. The handling problem had been oil on the tyres, the Valley gasket had failed dumping engine oil everywhere. We could have risked the engine after replacing the gasket but not wanting to damage the engine we pulledĀ  the car and didnt race.

Very disappointing as I’d made pole position by over 1 seconds on the chasing class B pack.

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