Cadwell Park Round 9

The engine was completely rebuilt by  castle race engines and i picked the car up from them on the friday, to take to cadwell for friday night testing ahead of the race on sunday.

Cadwell was a little damp, but I headed out and the car felt fantastic with lots of grip and a very tractable engine.

In the third session pushing on hard, the Throttle pedal jammed open at 135 mph into a 50 mph corner. Despite my best efforts ater killing the engine there was no way i could make the corner.

I hit the tyre wall and went straight through it, ripping the bonnet off and setting fire to the front of the car. The fire was quickly put out using the on board extinguisher, and the car dragged back to the paddock.

The car was a mess but the chassis looked ok and the wheels pointing roughly in the right direction.

We took the car to carzone in louth who lent us their workshop and with the help of Andrew Varrall and parts from many of the other competitiors after about 60 man hours we got the car in good enough shape to race it on Sunday.

We missed qualifying as we were still putting the car back together so started the race from the back of the grid.

As the race started I over took 4 cars off the line and then Andy Race up the inside on the 2nd corner. Another lap saw another car dispatched and we were now on the tail of the class leader!

We were all over the back of the car in front and much quicker. I came out of the hair pin and lined him up for a move out of Barn corner.

Then suddenly the front of the car disappeared in a cloud of oil smoke which quickly turned to flames. Before I had time to think the car spun on its own oil and headed into the barriers again, this time on fire before the impact.

Once again swift action by the marshals put the fire out, but covered the engine bay in dry powder. Dry Powder is good for putting fires out but is also very corrosive, as we would ind out later.

So once again this year another DNF, after what should have been another win.

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