Rockingham 2009

With a limited program this year we dragged the Tuscan out for rockingham. It took a couple of days prep to get the car ready as It hadnt been run since it blew another gearbox in July 08 at Angelsey.

With britcar taking all the testing on the friday there was no time for us to try the car before qualifying late on the sat.

a couple of laps to bed the car in, which included running down the pit lane a couple of times to find some space, and just as I was about to push for a lap a spinner at turn 1 laid down lots of oil.

Needing to get a decent lap time in I still had to push through turn 1 which was very hairy as the car moved across the oil. Kevan in his brand new Tuscan Speed Six  found out just how much and wiped the back end off on the concrete wall.

I was fairly pleased with 1st in class and 6th on the road.

Race 1

a good start would see me upto 3rd on the road ahead of the next class B car Tom Stewart in 4th. My race would be short lived though the throttle cable snapping at the end of the first lap, leaving me to coast back to the paddock on tickover.

Race 2

It looked like a good result was going to be hard work. starting last on the grid and 25th due to the dnf in race 1. When the lights went out I just nailed it, going fro zero to 90 in just under 7 seconds to launch  my self up the order. the end of the lap would see me 5th overall and second in class.

a race long battle with Tom would see plenty of overtaking resulting in me taking the win and 4th on the road.

Not a bad day in the office

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