Garage Time

Spent a few More quid at Demon Tweeks on a fuel regulator with filter and guage plus filter oil and fuel pump filters.

I’ve also spent an hour or two on the playstation. Toca race driver has the Rockingham circuit on it. I dont think its quite the configuration we’ll be using but there are only 2 corners that are different so its a start.

We’re also using a different configuration to the one we raced on last year so we can’t compare ap times.

Work to do before friday.

1) Fit manifold and Carb.
2) Fabricate throttle linkage.
3) re-route water hoses.
4)re-fit front wishbones after checking for any further damage and repairing ( new one will not be ready)
5)Change fuel pump filters.
6)Fit fuel regulator unit.
7)Rolling road tune on tuesday !!!!
8)Full geometry setup.
9)Full nut and bolt check ( if we dont somthing will fall off!!!)
10)A load of other things i’ve probably forgotten that will get done Friday morning!!

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