More garage Time

We worked late on the car last night. From the start everything seemed to go wrong. No studs in the manifold for the carb, blanking plug wrong thread, carb manifold needs 1 longer bolt than the Injection manifold, throttle linkage will not fit, and we forgot to bring the damaged rose joint so we could fit the wishbones etc etc…

We carried on though and removed all the Fuel Injection stuff ( the car will be about 20kg lighter now ) trial fitted the manifold and carb. Fitted the fuel regulator. Changed the fuel pump filter after removing loads of crab out of the pump and bits of what looks like the fuel tank lining. ( We’d better fit the new alloy tank we’ve got. if only the filler wasnt on the wrong side !!!). Re-routed the water hoses and the old air filter and intake piping removed

So we now need to wait for parts (again) before we can get any further, so the rolling road tune is canceled and its unlikley we’ll get back on before the race, which is a pain as we really need to check the jets on the carb.

Ho hum only 3 days to go and the cars still in bits ……………

The list is now slightly shorter

1) Fabricate throttle linkage.
2)re-fit front wishbones after checking for any further damage and repairing ( new one will not be ready)
3)Rolling road tune (if they can fit us in)
4)Full geometry setup.
5)Full nut and bolt check ( if we dont somthing will fall off)

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