Topless Taz’s 2005

2005 was the first year we ran old faithfull Topless Taz for George Carter an Iain Jones.

George Drove at Croft and quite enjoyed it in the wet. For the mallory round Iain was to race her. We did some upgrades namley changing to a quaiff Diferential, and in testing the car was flying. unfortunetly some of the flying was across the gravel trap and into the tyre wall.

The car was quite heavily damaged, and Iain didnt get to race.

With some fantastic work though the car was back and ready for George to run It at Snetterton. A repaired chassis, new nose, new suspension and radiator and fans etc were all put together in record time.

By the end of the race though the engine was showing signs of being past its best. This was known all season, and there was no budget to refresh, so it was run with that engine.

what lies ahead for Topless, well the teams main push for 2006 is the development of the Tuscan, so the Tasmin will probably be rested for this season, and when we have the time, we’ll put in a new engine ( possibly the 24v 2.9 cosworth) and prepare her to a high standard for shows and special race apperences.

Whilst not directly running a second car this season the team are involved with assisting the running and management of a few other cars in the series.

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