Oulton Park report

Just a quick one. Everyone else seemed to be testing on the Friday so I was a bit concerned that might cost us in qualifying as I haven’t been to Oulton for at least 2 years, other than 4 laps in testing earlier in the year when the gearbox died !!!! I did get a few laps then In Mike Hamilton’s Chimaera racer though, helping him set it up.

I needn’t have worried though as I stuck the car on class pole just ahead of Dave Chant, right in the mix with the A class cars. The car however was a bit fiesty unstable under braking and very lively over the bumps. To solve this we took a bit of compression damping off the front and added some rebound damping to the rear. This seemed to do the trick with the car much more stable in the races.



In race one off the line a got boxed up against the pit wall by Keith and Darren in their  A-class cars, and a whack across my bonnet for good measure allowing Dave to get ahead.

a lap or so later things settled down to dave in front with me following right up his chuff. At this point I was happy enough to sit behind him, and wait for an opportunity. This came a lap later.


Dave went into Cascades a little too deep, allowing me to  use the banking on the inside of the corner to get up his inside, and then squeeze him a little towards the exit kerb, leaving him a cars width but no more. I pulled ahead on the exit and then pushed hard to get a gap before backing off to maintain it. race 1 and a win and fastest lap in the bag.


Race 2 was more straight forward, I got a clean start and  pulled away from the Other class B cars getting some A cars between us and stayed there to the flag for a second win and fastest lap.


A good weekend at Oulton Job Done.



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