Birkett 6hr Relay

The Birkett is an end of season bash, where just about anything goes. teams of 4 -6 cars compete on a handicap basis to post the most laps.

We entered this year as team


TVR Tasmin
Gineta G20 R
MG Midget

Things didnt quite go to plan, and it deserves a proper write up but for now

The Westfield ran fine ( did about 3 1/2 hours) until a loose earch strap started to cause problems.

The MG blew its gearbox after 20 mins

The Ginetta siezed a wheel Bearing and had to drag a wheel for a full lap. we got him running again after about an hour.

Me, well we confirmed that the engine wasnt in the best of health at Oulton as i managed 2 laps before it expired in a cloud of smoke…

4 months planning and i got a total running time of about 180 seconds…

ho hum thats racing.


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