Pembrey Rounds 5 & 6

Disaster After the car ran perfectly at Mallory park, we got to Pembery to discovery the race battery was flat. Then we discovered a leak on the fuel rail. That was quickly fixed with a new ‘O’ Ring. But the car still wouldn’t run on all 8 cylinders.

We put the car out for Qualifying, and did just the 3 laps required to qualify. With the car running on 3 cylinders, I actually managed to out qualify 2 other cars much to my surprise.

With much work before the races We managed to get the car to start up on 8 cylinders but drop down to 5 after about 20 seconds. as there was no way we could risk running the engine like that we had to pull out so 2* DNS was the result for Pembrey.

Any Chance of retaining the Overall Title is long gone now, but with other teams in Class B also having problems, there is a slim chance of retaining the class B title.

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